Bamboo and eczema

November 5, 2014

Recently, I've been thinking about the properties of bamboo - it's  the fibre that makes our babywear different from most others. Someone said to me today that when they thought of bamboo, they thought 'scratchy'... which couldn't be further from the truth! Clothes made from bamboo are super soft and often described as feeling like cashmere which is great for everyone, but especially those with sensitive skin - like newborn babies and those suffering from eczema. So why is this the case?


Here's the science...


Bamboo fibres are naturally round and smooth - they have no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. The fibres are also very long, which make them resistant to piling (wool fibres are short and stubby which is why they bobble so much and are are a no-no for eczema sufferers). Looked at closely under a microscope, bamboo fabric has tiny holes and gaps which by no means affect the finished fabric, but allow the wearer's skin to breathe. 


It is 4 times more absorbent than cotton which worries some mums - will my baby be lying in his own sweat all night? No! Super bamboo also wicks the moisture away into the atmosphere really quickly - a reason why althetes have used it for years.


Bamboo fabric has a natural antibacterial property which remains, even after multiple washes (put away all those new antibacterial cleansers you can add to washing machines)and it is also mould and mildew resistant - all things which can cause excemea flare-ups!


Researching online today, Australia seems to have noticed this wonderful fabric and its properties and it's really taken flight - maybe its time for the rest of us to give it a go?






-toddler pjs will be in the range soon

-why not keep one of our lightweight blankets in your bag to put down on woollen carpets for baby to lie on?

-our brand labels are printed in, so won't irritate the back of the neck

-there are no manmade fibres in our bamboo/organic cotton mix (some people add elastane)

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